1. Conduct research regarding the broad topics of Managerial Accounting issues.
  2. Choose a narrower or more specific topic and research that specific topic related to this module’s broad topic. Potentially narrower or more specific topics include:
    • Movement to Knowledge/Service based Economy
    • Globalization: Location of Suppliers/Customers/Competitors
    • Advances in Information Technology
    • Other related topics
  3. Research/find a minimum of 2 different peer reviewed articles on your topic
  4. Write a 3 page double spaced paper in APA format discussing the findings on your specific topic. Your paper should be structured as follows:
    • Background information on the topic
    • Purpose and/or focus of research on the topic
    • Summary of the review of literature findings on the topic
    • Summary of research findings on the topic
    • Your personal thoughts on the research/topic/findings
    • Reference page
    • Provide proper APA formatted in-text citations



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