Write the whole presentation in word fail and then do the PowerPoint. The PowerPoint should have main point ,pictures, and topic sentence for each point. PowerPoint should has 8 slides.


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Make an Advertisement for Tesla car
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Make an advertisement about Tesla car

The outline should include: you should talk in the presentation essay about all this things

1- The company

2-The product

3-The purpose of our ad

4-The target audience

5- The catchy word or slogans

6- Is it a need or a fear

7-Strategies of the commercial



Core Project Description


. Develop and plan a presentation that describes the following:

a. Introduction…attention getter/hook

c. Describe the commercial or the advertisement.

d. What is being advertised?

e. What is the message/purpose of the advertisement/commercial?

f. What is the target market of the advertisement/commercial?

ii. Remember to explain “why” and give examples

g. What are the marketing strategies that are being used in the advertisement/commercial?

ii. Remember to explain “why” and give examples

h. Provide a conclusion…final thought

4. Additional Requirements

a. The focus is on the commercial/advertisement, NOT the company or the product.
Remember that you are analyzing the commercial/advertisement.

c. 15 – 20 minutes in length (not including questions and discussion)


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