I would like you to write a four page report about the the problems I addressed below, I have written down some points, but it is important for you to do more research about these points and talk about how these problems in the fashion industry have a significant negative impact on the environment.Cause these are just bullet points, but there needs to be more analysis and details etc. If you feel like some of the points within the headings should not be mention because they are less important it is fine. You need to address all points, but the most writing should be focussed on fast fashion and its impact. There is no need for an overall introduction or conclusion. You can write a brief one for each major problem, but not for the report overall cause this part is only a part of the full report. Please let me know if you have any questions

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Major Environmental Problems in the Fashion Industry
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The first major point being consumer behavior. And especially fast fashion. Write a lot about fast fashion and its negative impact.

1. Consumers dont understand the importance of sustainable fashion and and interpret it in different ways (3)
* lack of sufficient information on the values and factors that drive sustainable fashion consumers.
* Human induced transformation of the ecosystems is widely recognized but poorly understood
* Consumers are interested in eco-fashion but not willing to sacrifice a higher price
* Intention-action gap is too wide
* lack of information relating to the impact of fashion-awareness, pro-environmental attitudes which include environmental activism, organizational behaviors, non- activist conducts in the community sphere and individualized domain environmentalismÂ
* Fashion consumers have indicated that they are unaware of the availability of eco-fashion and only able to access limited information about eco- fashion

4. increased cost of custom made clothing is another critical factor that has inhibited consumption of sustainable garments (fast fashion) Â (6)
* High demand for cheap, fast fashion (affordability)
* Need for the newest styles
* Short lifespan
* Clearing out and buying new
* Consumers prioritize monetary cost
* Consumers are interested in eco-fashion but not willing to sacrifice a higher price

2. clothing-factory workers being underpaid and exposed to unsafe even deadly workplace conditions. (labour issues in production process) (4) ==> focus on how these conditions impact the environment and not too much about the people themselves
* For fast fashion ==> cheap production and its environmental impact on the environment
* fewer than 2% of workers in the clothing industry earn living wage.
* Low labor conditions. Labor exploitation and modern slavery of workers, women, child or prison labor due to fast fashions overproduction and overconsumption. Workers are forced to work for hours well in excess of the legal limits. Eu firms to retain some domestic production


Second major problem is Challenge for companies


1. Modifying corporate processes and products to make them greener can be very costly and may put a company pursuing a similar policy in a loser competitive position with respect to its competitors. (4)Â
* Formalizing sustainability steps is a hard task for companies
* Especially for older companies, when norms and values are different in the beginning of the company than they are now, transitioning to sustainability can be a big challenge
* Some companies dont care about sustainability and their environmental and social impact. They rather prefer to maximize profit and reduce costs.
* Sustainability is more expensive
* Environmental costs during the design and manufacturing phase are the highest.
* The fashion industry is intertwined with the development of the capitalist mode of production which damages ecosystems
* Investing in sustainability policies can be considered as major financial risks as their returns are not readily measurable in monetary terms

* Programs like Better Cotton Initiative and Global Organic Textile Standard: lack of funding and the complex supply chains for cotton can make it hard to account where it all comes from
* Complex supply chains
* lack of sufficient literature material about companies implementation of sustainable fashion models
* Difficulties arise in embedding sustainability in the different fashion industry depending mainly on three reasons.
* it does not exist a stated understanding of what sustainability means from an operational perspective.Â
* the fashion sector is split into many retail-market segments, and the issues associated with sustainability in each segment are different.
* the creation of global fashion supply chains has made complex both their management and the introduction and management of sustainability practices through the numerous supply chain members



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