Create Your Own Utopia
This week we read about a utopia, and now your assignment is to create your own. You are going to design your utopia by developing the following concepts about your new society. Your final product will be intended to convince someone to move to/live in your society. Make sure you include a “catchy” introduction to “sell” your utopia. Please remember this is a writing assignment, so you want to assure that your writing is well organized, thoroughly developed, and grammatically correct. There is no “right” way to present this information, but I do ask that you make each item you are addressing obvious and please assure it demonstrates your writing abilities.
You want to assure that you develop each part of your utopian society as to clearly provide potential members the necessary information to determine whether they want to join your society.

  1. Name of your Utopian Society- Choose a creative and appropriate name to represent your new society. Explain your choice in a way that makes the reasons of the name clear.
  2. Members of Society- Who will your citizens be? How many will you have? What will they do? How will they gain admittance into your utopia?
  3. Declaration of Independence- Write a brief statement (2-3 paragraphs) describing the reasons for your formation of a utopian society. In other words, what specifically don’t you like about current society? How has the current society broken trust with you? Why do you feel the need to form a “more perfect” society? You might refer to the United States Declaration of Independence for ideas.
  4. List of Rules- Develop a list of at least ten rules that all community members will follow. Provide a rationale for each rule.
  5. Governing Body- How will the government of this utopia be structured? Will you have a democracy, an anarchy, a monarchy, a dictatorship, or some other form of government? What rights will the members have? How will your utopia make decisions?
  6. Economics, Work, & Leisure- What systems will be in place for the production and distribution of goods and services? What form of currency will you use? How will the wealth be distributed? Who will do the work? Briefly describe a day in the life of a member of your utopia.
  7. Education- What will the education system look like? Who will be eligible for what type of education? What will be required? Will an education be required at all?
  8. Technology- Will you use technology in your utopia? If so, what role will it play? Will there be specific rules and guidelines for using technology?
  9. Media and Religion- What roles will media and religion play in your utopia (if any)? What sort of freedoms and restrictions on media and religion will be made? Who will control these areas?
  10. Law & Order- What sort of system (or systems) will be needed to deal with those who break the rules or those who hard others? How will you enforce the rules of your society?

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LITERATURE – UTOPIA: Law & Order- What sort of system (or systems) will be needed to deal with those who break the rules or those who hard others? How will you enforce the rules of your society?
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