Paper instructions;

These two sections of your project will be completed together and will help to prepare you for your field experience by aiding you in developing the questions or information you need to identify about your chosen organization.  For example, if you can’t address some of the prompts included below, you should be prepared to identify this information during your field experience.  These sections will also serve as a portion of your final project paper. You must complete these before conducting your field research.  In an essay format, include:

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1. Introduction and background: Tell me about your organization and your project generally in the introduction.  Also include a paragraph or two of background info (from at least 1 source from the literature) on the sector or need or community problem the organization works on (e.g., autism support, advocacy for voting rights, or education. For example, if you are writing about an Organic Food cooperative, find a source about the societal movement toward local organic food (with source). If you’re writing about a municipal department of local government, discuss the community in which it works. In other words, set the stage for what will follow.

2.  More detailed description of your organization: you can use some of your description from your project plan, but take this a step further if you can.

Organization information. Describe the organization (mission, history, target audience, and programs or services). Discuss the important services that this organization provides in the community and the impact it has. What is the mission and target audience of this organization?
Management topics/literature review. For each of your chosen topic areas, include a discussion of what this topic is and then key or leading practices or skills within the area.  Include a brief literature review about each topic using course materials and at least 3 outside professional or peer reviewed sources total.  For example, if you argue that branding skills are important for public and nonprofit managers, you will want to identify the best practices of branding.  You should write several strong paragraphs that explain the importance of branding and what good branding looks like. This sets the stage for analyzing how well your organization is branding according to what you have learned.
3. Methods. What will you do to learn more about this organization? Volunteer? Interview? Observe a meeting? All three? Describe your methods further than in your project plan.  You should also have contacted the organization you plan to profile for this project at this point and indicate to me what you have done and/or scheduled.

From your literature review, identify 4 important questions (one each per literature review/management topic) that you would ask in an interview or investigate during your field experience.
Evidence of initial contact required.

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