Learning outcomes: Gain insights into the strategy-making processes of different types of organizations (Lo 1.7)Understand issues related to strategic competitive advantage in organizations (Lo 2.2)Identify appropriate strategies for different situations (Lo 3.1).From Saudi or Middle East market, select an example of partnership between two companies (acquisition, collusion, joint venture, value-chain partnership, mutual service consortium, licensing arrangement…) and answer the following questions: Briefly present the two companies, members of partnership (Industry, location, size, competitors, activities…). (Max 400 words)- (1Mark)What is the kind of this partnership and what are its main reasons?(1Mark)What are the issues brought up by the companies during partnership? (1Mark)Evaluate the competitive advantage of the partner- companies. (1Mark)What is the method used by the partner-companies to manage the organizational culture? underline the pros and cons of this method.(1 Mark) Notes: The chosen example must be from real market and the partnership already done.Answers must be clear, precise and concise.Using terminology developed in your course will be highly valued.Limit Words of the assignment: Maximum 1500 words.All instructions mentioned in the cover page must be respected. ..

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Learning outcomes: Gain insights into the strategy-making
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