As you grow and learn more about leadership, thinking about your own skill sets and goals is important. Start thinking about your own leadership goals, such as developing leadership skills, learning about specific leader characteristics, and how to develop your leadership plan. For the next few weeks, you will start to develop your own Leadership Style Action Plan, applying knowledge of leadership principles to personal and workplace situations.
Prior to starting your Leadership Style Action Plan, review the following article:

  • 23 Traits of Good Leadership

Then, respond to the following:

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Leadership Style Action Plan: Identify 1 leadership theory that matches your style, and explain the key leadership concepts of that theory.
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  • Based on your      research, the course materials, and what you have reviewed, choose 1      leader whom you admire who shares a few of your same leadership traits.      Explain these similarities.
  • Identify 1      leadership theory that matches your style, and explain the key leadership      concepts of that theory.
  • What did you      already know about your leadership style?
  • What is 1 new      thing that you learned about your leadership style?

Be sure to provide APA citations and references to support your work.
Please submit your assignment.
Farrell, R. (2011). 23 traits of good leaders. CNN Living. Retrieved from
Leadership theories. (2012). Retrieved from Leadership-central Web site:

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