In this 4000 words assignment, you will critically reflect on the role of public leadership in addressing a contemporary public management challenge. Drawing on the leadership theories discussed in this module, you should:
– identify the leadership approach(es) being employed, and by who;
– discuss the challenges faced, and how these were addressed;
– reflect critically on the impact of the leadership shown.
Detailed information with example outline is provided, read it first. Pay attention to the instruction and strictly follow it.
Case study instruction is also provided. Choose a topic of case study from the sugesstions, you need to find some resources from news, journeys or other articles to develop it.
WARNING: When you are applying concepts or theories, not case study, you should only cite resources from the 7 articles or books I provided, especially from ‘Leadership: theory and practice’ and ‘Dynamics of leadership in public service: theory and practice’. (‘Dynamics of leadership in public service: theory and practice’ can only read on line, I will give you the link with account number and password.) make sure to look through them before writing.


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