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KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RULES AND PROCEDURES Rules are expected norms of general behavior – the “constitution of the classroom.” They function to prevent or encourage certain behaviors. Rules do not change. Generally, their number is limited from 5 to 8. Procedures are ways of getting classroom activities done. They function to make tasks routine so as to achieve continuity, predictability, and time saving. Unlike rules, they may change according to needs that arise, and they have no prescribed number. (Please note: Goals are target aspirations not necessarily attained every day-e.g., “Always do your best.”) ACTIVITY CATEGORIZING TEACHER STATEMENTS Directions: Below are the 21 statements that teachers frequently use. Using the information above, examine these statements and group them as “Goals, Rules or Procedures”. 3. Be in your seat and ready to begin when the bell rings. 2. Push chairs in after getting up. 1. Accept responsibility for your own behavior. 4. Bring all needed materials to class. 6. Develop skills for lifelong learning. 5. Bring a positive attitude to class. 7. In class discussion, raise your hand; wait to be called on. 8. Follow all directions 9. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. correctly the first time. 10. Lower your voices when the lights are switched off. 11. Pass your papers to the right. 12. Use a red pen to correct your homework in class. 13. Place make-up work in 14. Show respect for other the yellow basket. 15. Sharpen pencils before the beginning of class. people’s property. 16. Show respect to other people. 17. Speak at appropriate times using appropriate voices. 18. Think and make wise choices. 19. Use rest room pass as 20. Finish eating food during 21. Use twelve-inch voices needed when direct Instruction is not being given. break time. during cooperative group work.

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