(I’ve chosen TPP)InstructionsFor this assignment, write an essay that addresses each of the followingpoints:Choose five U.S. government policies that affect trade with foreignnations. Identify three factors of production, and describe how theirmobility is good or bad for U.S. tradeDistinguish between absolute advantage and comparative advantage tradetheories and give examplesChoose either the TPP or the T-TIP free trade agreement and describewhich other countries have signed on and why the U.S. Senate should ratifyor not ratify the agreement. Also, explain how regional tradinggroups influence organizations.Your essay submission should be a minimum of three pages in length in APAstyle; however, a title page, a running head, and an abstract are notrequired. You are required to use at least two scholarly sources for thisessay. Your responses to the three prompts must be in paragraph form. Be sureto cite and reference all quoted or paraphrased material appropriately inAPA style. ..

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(I’ve chosen TPP)InstructionsFor this assignment, write an e
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