The question chosen is the first question, “Is Politics a science?”

Referencing should be in alphabetical order of the author.
The first sources that we were told to be used were:
Malcom Williams’ book: Science in social science
Guardian article: How scientific is political science? (David Wearing, guardian newspaper)
The question is asking if politics is a science which can be interpreted several different ways. The direction I would like the essay to go is that politics is a science because of the similarities between natural science and social science in terms of methodology, objectivity and rules governing btoh sciences.
Possible counter-points could include that political research being grounded in theory meaning that instead of investigations being scientific, political research is simply a social construct in itself. (Williams)
The 2000 word count includes the body of the text but not the title,
The in-text referencing is done as: (author, surname + first initial, date of publication) with no footnotes.
Sorry for the lack of information I can attach more files to read if you would like.

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