Initial Post:
Art is a range of human activities that are often diverse and creates auditory and visual artifacts that express technical, conceptual, and imaginative ideas. Ideas and creativity and the nature of art concepts have changed over the years (Arnold, 2013). Arts help in building the community by providing a rich and nourishing spiritual meal that is often underrated. Music is one of the significant forms of art that highly influence society. Arts include a combination of instrumental and vocal sounds, beauty and expression, melody, rhythm, and melody according to societal standards. Music is a powerful way to reach the heart and ears of humans, and therefore musicians should use this art to create awareness about social issues. The video is a good demonstration of how Elaine and Benoit have changed the community. The community in Orlando was culturally impoverished, and the couple created a custom of performing music. The neighborhood felt an intimate experience and promoted creativity.
Musicians and artists often chose to utilize, humanize, and invigorates public spaces. Places with strong art expressions break the trend of sameness and blandness, which give communities a stronger sense of identity (Arnold, 2013). Therefore, a song focused on social issues will be more effective in public places than private venues. In public forums, art presentation is the type of messages exhibited is accompanied by fewer restrictions as their creative vision is into the civic decision-making process
Benoit and Elaine are a perfect example of how art can build a society and change the community perspective. If given a chance, I would create a public venue that will be used for dances. The site would be based on genuine enthusiasm and support on developing talents. The dance venue’s goal would be to encourage more people to participate by providing financial incentives promoting social cohesion and cultivating a healthy relationship. Moreover, the priority of the venue would be to address themes and social injustices issues. The dance art initiative will focus on racial equality. This will reflect on the ideas of performances, which will ensure that racial equality is well comprehended and become a societal norm.
Arnold, A. (2013). Building community through arts experiences. Art Education, 47(3), 47-51.
Peer Response:
Respond meaningfully to one peer post considering the following: Compare and contrast your position on why musicians use their music to raise awareness on different social issues.  Could the example your peer provided also be used to make the case for your own beliefs?  What is that saying about the rise (or fall) of social justice issues?
How did your perspective on the use of public spaces for social justice awareness agree or disagree with your peer?  Discuss where limits might need to be set (late night hours, children hearing foul language, etc.)
Share your viewpoint on the venue your peer would want to create.  Name 2 or 3 specific ways they might get the project off and running. ..

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 Initial Post: Art is a range of human activities that are often
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