articularly its effect on learning, and be able to reflect on these after the lesson. In otherwords you are expected to be beginning to become a reflective professional. Indeed yourprogress in the latter part of your ITE course may well be judged very much on your abil-ity to take ownership of your development as a teacher and the ways that your teachingpromotes pupil learning.The lesson evaluations that you have been completing throughout the course are, ofcourse, the forerunner of documenting your reflection on your teaching. As indicatedabove, the key questions to be asked and answered in lesson evaluation are: Whatdid the pupils achieve/learn or not achieve/learn? Whydid they achieve/learn or not achieve/learn. In other words why did this learn-ing take place/not take place? What aspects of my planning/teaching wereeffective/less effective, e.g. was it too difficult, was there not enough time etc.? Howshould I plan/teach in the next lesson to accommodate these findings? Whatdo I continue to do next time or what do I need to do differently to promote learn-ing, e.g. differentiate more/better, provide more specific feedback etc.?

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In other words why did this learning take place or not take place?
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