Assignment – Implementing a CSR Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility (BU4053-201 and 202) Due: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Total marks: 718 Guidelines You must work alone. Answers should be between 50-150 words and MUST be in your own words. You must understand that plagiarism is an offence and will be seriously dealt with as per college policies and may result in a failing grade. Assignment Read Part 2 of the CSR Implementation Guide located on Blackboard (Course Content tab/Additional Material) and answer the questions below. Background Amanda is the owner of CatsCafé located in Timmins, Ontario. In addition to the owner, CatsCafé employs 16 individuals (4 full-time (2 are managers) and 12 part-time). The café serves coffee, tea, soups, sandwiches and desserts. It has a small eat-in area for roughly 30 patrons. Amanda has heard about corporate social responsibility and that it is important but she doesn’t know much about it so she has come to you for advice. Questions 1. Amanda doesn’t know what it means to implement a CSR strategy. What do you tell her? (2 marks) 2. What considerations should CatsCafe use when implementing its CSR strategy? (3 marks) What knowledge and skills do the employees of CatsCafé need to implement CSR initiatives? (3 marks) 4. Amanda doesn’t know how the CSR initiative should be communicated. What do you advise? (6 marks) s Amanda doesn’t know what a CSR evaluation is. What do you tell her? Why are CSR evaluations important? (4 marks) Identify and describe the six (6) steps that CatsCafé would use to develop a CSR strategy. (6 marks) The six steps that Catscafe would use to develop in implementing CSR strategy are: • Thorough Research on what competitors are doing: CatsCafe should make an extensive research on different cafes and collect relevant competitive data in regard to the CSR policies. By using questionnaire method, CatsCafe can gather information. Develop CSR initiatives: With the necessary information, CatsCafe can develop CSR initiatives accordingly to the latest standards which would help CatsCafe to gain competitive advantage . Communicating to the employees: After initiating the CSR ideas, the same can be communicated for further implementation in the business activities. Set performance measurements: Appropriate performance standards have to be set for the implementation of CSR strategy to monitor and compare the business performance after implementing the CSR strategies . Hold discussions with major stakeholders: After measuring the performance, if the CSR initiative has good prospects, the stakeholders have to be properly communicated by explaining the benefits that would be achieved Draft, review and publish the strategy and initiatives: The CSR initiative have to be properly drafted, reviewed with complete documentation and later published 2. What are the five (5) stages of the CSR assessment process that need to be completed? (5 marks) . The five stages of CSR assessment process that is needed to be completed are: a. Organization of the CSR leadership team. b. Working definition of CSR to be developed. c. Legal requirements are to be identified. d. Corporate processes, documents and activities are to be reviewed. e. The key stakeholders are to be identified and engaged.

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