Many European imperialists in the 17th century believed that colonization in various parts of the world was both necessary and beneficial to the natives of the regions being occupied. Most native populations did not share this vision of imperialism and in fact in most cases took a directly opposite view. This was especially true in the case of the English colonial settlements in North America and the already present population there. The English believed they were aiding the savage and barbaric natives, but many Native Americans perceived them as a threat to their way of life.


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Imperialism in the New World
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Defend each group’s argument (English settlers/Native Americans) with facts from the textbook and any credible online resources (do not use Wikipedia). Each argument defense must be separate from the other and each must be a minimum of 500 words. Tip- try not to make judgments about the character or morality of either side. Present the facts and attempt to answer the questions; who, what, why, and how.


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