Intent: This assessment will explore the impact of diabetes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


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Impact of Diabetes
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This assessment task addresses subject learning objective(s):

A ( Evaluate within a Primary Health Care framework, the systems in place for interdisciplinary management and prevention of a chronic disease such as diabetes, including the National Integrated Diabetes Program, the enhanced Primary Care program and Clinical Information Strategies)

B (Examine the impact of the social determinants of health and the relationship between physical and psychological wellbeing in chronic disease for both individuals, their families and significant others.

D ( Appraise research and apply critical inquiry to investigate a client or community scenario considering the social determinants of health)


As reported by AIHW (2018), ‘The impact of diabetes varies among population groups, with rates being 3–6 times as high among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as among non-Indigenous Australians.’

In this assessment students are required to:

  • Compare the demographic and health data profiles of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, to data of non-Indigenous Australians and summarise these results.
  • Draw health risks and conclusions based on the comparison of the data. and in relation to the risk of diabetes.

Please note: This assessment is linked to assessment 2 and it is essential to read the requirements of Assessment 2 to avoid possible duplication.

The submission is to be in an essay style and should take a critical approach. Evidence (references) must be provided throughout the discussion to support points raised and discussed. Please read carefully the attached marking rubric before commencing this assessment. There is an assessment forum on Canvas should you wish to raise questions regarding this assessment.

Length: 600 words





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