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The purpose of this assignment series is to identify the particular and distinctive contributions of Luke’s Gospel. To accomplish this, you will create an imaginary interview with Luke, and while some of the questions are provided below, you will provide what you think their answers would be according to Luke.

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Identifying the particular and distinctive contributions of Luke’s Gospel
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Below are the questions you must ask Luke:

What motivated you to write your Gospel?
What credentials do you have in writing this Gospel?
Since Matthew, Luke, and John also wrote Gospels, what do you offer in your Gospel as a distinctive contribution?
What do you hope that readers of your Gospel especially understand and apply after reading your Gospel?
In 10 words or less, explain your portrait of Christ. In other words, state what one learns about Jesus in your Gospel in a way that that is especially unique to your Gospel.
Ensure you have answered the questions above. Then create an additional 5 questions and answer them according to what you believe Luke would have said.

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