Marketing advertisements often combine images with text/type. Some ads emphasize the image, while others focus on text/type elements. The advertisement image below is an example of one that is predominantly text/type.
Using the web browser of your choice, perform an internet search to find three (3) different advertisement images that are made-up predominantly of text/type.
In your initial post, for each of the three (3) advertisement images you selected, do the following:

  • Line 1: Indicate Ad 1, Ad 2, or Ad 3 as appropriate.
  • Line 2: Provide the web address/link to the image.
    • Save, copy, or take a screenshot of the image.
  • Line 3: Paste or insert the image.
  • Line 4: Identify the type-styles present in image’s text elements (e.g., Serif, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Script, and Novelty).

If you encounter any difficulty presenting this information in the body of your discussion post, you may provide the required information in a Word document that you attach to your initial post.
Explore the advertisements shared by your classmates. Reply to at least one of your classmates, commenting on the ads they shared.

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Identify Type Styles in Marketing Advertisements: Do you agree with the type-style categories they identified?
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