Ensure that you read the background text carefully to understand the context in which the questions are to be answered. While it is not a case study, it provides some background information which should be addressed in your assignment.

Describe AND discuss the origins of the Alcohol Reduction Strategy in England; tracing it from the Ottawa Charter and Alma Atta declaration to the Drinkaware campaign. (30 marks)
You are to explore the origins and the history of the alcohol reduction plans in England from 1970 to 2018
You should identify and describe a key event/milestone of the alcohol reduction campaign in England for each decade up to 2019, especially the Government’s Alcohol Strategy 2012.
You should show the link between the history of alcohol reduction programme in England to the Ottawa Charter of 1986 and Alma Atta declaration of 1978.
You should discuss the Drinkaware campaign, providing rationale for why it was launched and the involvement for Public Health England (PHE) in the campaign.
Support your work with relevant academic materials.

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Identify the key stakeholders of the campaign and your communication strategy to engage with the stakeholders.
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Design an alcohol reduction programme for young people (16-25 years) in England. Discuss the health promotion models that would apply to your programme explain why these models apply and not others. Identify the key stakeholders of the campaign and your communication strategy to engage with the stakeholders.
(40 Marks)
You should identify from academic studies an alcohol reduction programme with evidence of effectiveness and use this to design a programme to reduce alcohol among young people (aged 16-25years) in your local authority.
You should discuss the health promotion models which applies to the health promotion programme you have designed. Show some understanding of different models, but explore in detail the model that applies to your health promotion programme.
You should justify the model you choose for the campaign and explain why the other modules not chosen would not be suitable.
You should identify the key stakeholders in the campaign in your local authority; explain the role of these stakeholders and the communication strategy for communicating and engaging with the stakeholders.
Support your work with relevant academic materials.

If the aim of the campaign is to reduce the proportion of young people who drink too much alcohol (above the recommended quantity), design an evaluation strategy to determine how this goal will be evaluated. Identify any limitations of this strategy. (30 Marks)
You need to show understanding of evaluation process by choosing an evaluation technique from Process evaluation, Outcome evaluation and Impact evaluation to evaluate your programme.
You should describe how the evaluation would be used to assess the programme you designed.
You should describe clearly what would be the objectives of the programme you designed in line with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound) principles and how those objectives would be evaluated.
You should discuss the limitations of the evaluation strategy you have chosen.
Support your work with relevant academic materials.

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