1. Select one of the opportunities for improvement from homework #2. Specify the current process associated with the opportunity and identify at least 10 different wastes (you do not have to specify a waste for all of the nine different categories). I select the create a new idea and a new innovation. There is in SABIC department called Home of Innovation. This part is concentrated in innovation and development. Every member has to study, to improve, and to innovate the product or project in order to succeed their aims. For example, employees determined to improve HVAC to reduce power consumption. There are a lot of wastes during their processes including: 1- People’s talent that they reduce innovation. I remember that some of employees do not have capability to improve an innovation because they are not working in their fields. It might be reason of affecting the innovation. 2 This department has many defects such as they missed main information or something that it should not be happened. I remember one time Crown Prince visit SABIC, and no one gave him gift or at least tee of coffee. Also, there was not camera provided. I took responsibility, I used my phone to take a picture, and I talked with teeboy to give him tee and bring some gift from department like catalog. 3- Transportation: Onetime I remember that we participated in Retrofit Summit. There were many samples that we were going to present these samples. However, they arrived the last day of Retrofit Summit. 4- Over-processing means they have excessive paperwork which impact on deliverable. 5- Inventory: they need to increase the cost of product, and they need to solve problems. They supposed to have extra people and paperwork. 6- Motion is needed in their department, but they need searching for people and parts to come up with a new motion. 7 Variation 8- Waiting is one of negative things in this department because if they send one paper, they should wait 3 to 4 days to get response. 9- Over production is part of the waste during the processes because they need extra machinery and extra defects. 10- Nepotism can be waste their process because they offer job to their relatives and their relatives are not capable for this position. Project: Project Lead(s): Date: Objective(s) of the study (What question is the data to be used to clarify?): What insights will the data provide and how will it advance the project? What is the Critical Characteristic (“Y” Variable) that is to be studied? List the key inputs, outputs, and/or process parameters (“X” Variables) that need to be considered: If numerical data, are they discrete or continuous? Discrete Continuous ロロロロロ ロロロロロロ Collection Plan Existing data: Yes D No D Existing Data: Describe the data: Is it readily available? Yes No If No, steps to be taken: Is it complete? Yes D No If No, steps to be taken: Is it in a usable format? Yes D No If No, steps to be taken: Sample to be taken: Time interval: Beginning Date: Ending Date: Frequency: Sample Size: Was the data collection system adequate to assure reliable and valid data? Yes No O If No, steps to be taken: No Existing Data: Sample to be taken: Time interval: Beginning Date: Ending Date: Frequency: Sample Size: Sites/Shifts to be covered: Collection Method: Who will collect the data? Is training required? Yes No If yes, describe the training plan: Collection forms (How will the data be recorded?) Paper O Electronic D Measurement System Analysis (What steps are being taken to limit the variability in the measurement system?) Is a formal Gage R & R study required? Yes 0 No D If yes, prepare a separate data collection worksheet. Analysis Plan What format will be used to analyze the data? Minitab Excel Other: What statistical analysis will be used on the data?.

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