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PIA was founded on October 23, 1946 as Orient Airways based in Calcutta (now Kolkata) in British India. In 1955, Orient Airways was nationalized and merged with other airlines to form ‘Pakistan International Airlines.’ In the decades from the 1950s to the 1970s, PIA was ranked amongst the best airlines in the world. This was acclaimed to be the golden era for Pakistan International Airlines when it provided administrative and technical support to many other airlines, including Emirates. Some of the aviation records set by PIA pilots in yesteryear still stand to this day Today, PIA is wracked by many administrative and human resource related problems notably corruption, inefficiency, favoritism, nepotism and overstaffing. Safety has also become a major concern after numerous scandals relating to the qualifications of PIA personnel, the EU ban, and the recent crash in Karachi in May, 2020, that killed 97 people, Your assignment: Assume that you are a team member of an international management consulting firm tasked by the Government of Pakistan for formulating a overarching strategy for turning around the fortunes of PIA and restoring it to its former glorious status. 1. Start your submission by giving a brief historical narrative of how PIA glided into this sorry state of affairs. This introductory part should be in one brief paragraph not exceeding 200 words 2. Using the PESTEL (or PESTELE) model and other macro and micro-environmental factors discussed in the online lectures, identify and discuss the recent trends that significantly affect the working of Pakistan International Airlines. Your submission should be in bullet format, the bullets must read as grammatically complete sentences 3. Using the concepts taught in the ongoing online course, formulate a strategy/strategies for effecting a turnaround for this troubled organization. Be realistic, practical and to the point You may consult – for reference purposes only – the EFE and IFE matrices, and CPM of PIA vis-à-vis other competing airlines. These are all available on the Internet, but please do NOT copy-paste anything verbatim. You may consult the Internet and obtain a format for writing a consultant’s report, there are many examples available. You may use paragraph format in this part with proper headings and topic sentences for each paragraph. 4. Lastly, present 10-15 cogent strategy recommendations that summarize the way forward for PIA. Again, your submission should be in bullet format, the bullets must read as grammatically complete sentences. Please ensure that your recommendations relate to strategy and not tactical or operational matters. Your entire report should be between 800-1000 words. Please do NOT exceed this limit Do NOT limit yourself merely to financial analyses, discuss all strategy related aspects in all organizational areas including policy making, operations, marketing, management, MIS, etc. Caveat: Please do NOT make far-fetched recommendations that are impractical or infeasible in the context PIA- the stani and scenario a grading criterio GRADING CRITERIA: This Term Project/report carries a maximum of 25 marks on a scale of 100. Your individual submission will be graded on the following criteria: insightful investigation/research of the topic, originality of information, clear and logical presentation of ideas, worded in simple English, use of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Please use 12 pt. font size and Times New Roman font as already instructed above. Submissions in PDF format are strictly NOT ALLOWED

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