1. Identify all anatomical structures related to and/or that are being affected based on the patient case information. (i.e. tissues, organs, vessels, brain components, membranes)
  2. Explain how the anatomical structures and their physiological function/dysfunction are interrelated normally and what is going wrong with the structures in this current patient case information.
  3. Identify and explain possible a diagnosis and what can be done to fix or reverse the current situation described in the patient case information. Please be specific and detailed.

Patient Case (Initial Review): (*before reading if you have dealt with anything related to this situation, please no that I mean no added stress and I have dealt with something similar personally so I completely understand)

Donna is a 35 year old female who is married and has a 5 year old daughter. Donna recently found out she was pregnant, but last week at 12 weeks she started to spot and went to see the doctor. At the doctors, Donna found out she was having a miscarriage and the doctors decided to look at her blood type and seemed very alarmed and asked her who her doctor was for her first child. Her blood type was A-.

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Identify all Anatomical Structures related to and/or that are being Affected based on the Patient case information
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*Remember to view this situation through the lens of the Immune and Lymphatic Systems, it should drive your inquiry/understanding of what is going on here.



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