I will pay for the following article Debating Cinema and Space. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The quest of most such reviewers including Derrida has been to send across a message that hospitality cannot happen naturally to some people because if it did, it would mean that hospitality has always been an unconditional social phenomenon. But from every bit of his argument, Derrida put across the perception that people are hospitable conditionally.

Like hospitability, films have also been used as a social tool to define the trend within which a group of people may leave together in a very compatible social setting. There are a number of ways that this has been done including the use of films to depict social situations that generally give people a sense of meaning to the daily social issues that happen around them. Such explanations are expected to give solutions and answers to people who have several questions to answer about the psychological social phenomenon. Again, the filming reception, which includes the act of taking people to watch movies in cinemas, has also been used as a social principle. What is more, films are used as mirrors to reflect the wrongs and rights of society. One such film that has succeeded in one way or the other to play all such three roles is Dogville (2003). The social phenomenon that the film has portrayed is that of hospitality. To this end, the paper shall be discussed using Derrida’s approach on hospitability to critically evaluate the film, Dogville (2003).

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I will pay for the following article Debating Cinema and Space. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
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Derrida approaches the issue of hospitality from a number of approaches. Interestingly, most of these perspectives are directly reflected in the film, Dogville (2003). To this end, some of the most outstanding elements in the approach are discussed hand in hand with the theme of the film.

One of the loudest elements of Derrida’s approach to hospitality is that hospitality never takes place unconditionally but that people would always give out the act of being hospitable in exchange for something beneficial to the hosts. By this, the point is being made of how hospitability cannot be a natural innate situation that comes from people by itself. In Dogville (2003), there is a direct depiction of this situation at the immediate moment Grace received what was to be hospitable support from Tom. This is people Tom actually accepted a gift from the gang that had been pursuing Grace for helping the gang with information. Even though Tom did not request for the gift from the gangsters, at least saying no to the gift or giving it back to Grace would have spoken a lot of how unconditional he was on his mission of hospitality. Even more, Grace was made to undertake basic chores for the community because the community had supposedly been hospitable to her – clearly, this was hospitability for sale.

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