I will pay for the following article Charting trip across the US. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Travelling from Roselle Park to the western region (Reno) of the nation region of the nation requires courage and strength to encounter the challenges between the two centers. Policies were all in favor of the white (Bessette 34).

The appropriate trail to get to Reno from Roselle Park is using the route to Gunnison National Forest in the state of Colorado. When one gets to that state, trace a route through Utah and direct to Reno. The route is the safest trail to get to the destination, which is also my place of origin.

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I will pay for the following article Charting trip across the US. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
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Description of the trail

The starting point of the trail was Roselle Park in New Jersey. We were making an adventurers religious journey organized by the Presbyterian churches of USA. It entailed all youth members around the nation. This was back in 1856, when the Natives’ policies in the United States of America were not fully defined. We began the train in an open caravan of the time at around 8pm. We were to follow the direction as shown in the diagram below.

One of the most demanding moments was when we got to the famous Gunnison National Forest. This is a forest known to have poisonous serpents, and other large animals. Therefore, we had to camp on the western side of the forest, to facilitates the continuation of the journey the following morning. At around 3am, we continued with the journey, hoping for the best.

At Utah, State at the central region as one approaches west. we met a group of youths having their way to Reno. They looked hostile and unfriendly, so we kept a safe distance as they were three times the members of my group. They were Indians and Mexicans, just like most of us. this meant that they had come from the southern-west boarder. Between the two regions, the journey was excellent as we met other three groups a distance of 102KM from the Capital of Utah. The trail took us 4 days, and we arrived to the destination point safe and sound. Reno was familiar to me, as this was my home area. I learnt in Roselle Park, and luckily got and employment in the same region.

Governments Policies towards the Native Americans

During this period, the whole of America was a desert. the government instituted policies towards the Native Americans in the year 1851. Below is a discussion of the major policies.

1. The Concentration Policy – this was an idea to concentrate these native in one large reservation. It was to prevent them from interfering with the white settlers in their railroad constructions and other travelling adventures. The policy affected the trail in a great way. we had to get a permit. It came to a success because the initiators of the trip were white religious leaders (Marger 36).

2. Termination Policy – it is the policy that ended the Bureau of Indian Affair. It also ended the government’s social responsibilities. These included security, education, and health. This means that we had no obligation to report anything to any authorities. So we travelled, hoping that all would be alright (Sidlow and Henschen 75).

3. Natives Citizenship Act – this was a policy that made us have the confidence of making such long trails as we were citizens of America.

The trail was fascinating but a challenge as a result of the discrimination of the natives by the whites.

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