I need some assistance with these assignment. umuc family clinic Thank you in advance for the help! In order to make sure that the implementation of this targeted system is successful, it is important that major emphasis is laid on planning. In this sense, this paper focuses on coming up with a plan on how and which electronic health records (EHR) system will be implemented via an account of the UMUC Family Clinic.

Delivery of high-quality Medicare services has always been at the forefront of the UMUC family Clinic’s operation goals. To achieve this objective integration of most recent technologies is the key to ensuring that the goal is achieved and promoting the competitiveness of the center in the healthcare industry. Among the key concerns is increasing efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare services at UMUC Family Clinic. On this basis, this proposal focuses on coming up with a technological solution that will play a significant role in improving the quality of care, safety and financial incentives for the Clinic (McCormick & Gugerty, 2013).

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I need some assistance with these assignment. umuc family clinic Thank you in advance for the help!
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It is very essential to clarify that the implementation of high-quality electronic health records (EHR) system is a fundamental subject in ensuring that UMUC Family Clinic ends up delivering high-quality services. In this sense, the key business process that needs to be improved is as stipulated below (Scarlat, 2012).

This is the patient check-in process, at the front office nurse. Currently, the UMUC Family Clinic maintains a paper-based check-in system, which has proved to be a significant challenge in promoting the day-to-day operation goal at the Clinic. This has resulted in a lot of overhead on the Clinic staff, time wastage, poor billing procedures and stressful to patients (Saba, 2012).

It is in this regard, the following Electronic Health Records System is proposed to aid in solving the aforementioned business process challenges experienced at the Clinic.&nbsp.

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