I need some assistance with these assignment. the process of design projects Thank you in advance for the help! The design’s final presentation should include a mixture of simplified functions, which offer good decoration for the interior space.

At my masters’ level of study, I seek to ensure that my presentation for the design is well organized and has an element of clarity. I will learn the design methodology by having a continuous design practice. The practice will help know how to make the design special and narrow such that it captures attention in a small area. Such a practice will also create opportunities for learning the functions, which will give the best outcomes when added to the design project. Besides, there will be a focus on researchers involved in the designing process.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. the process of design projects Thank you in advance for the help!
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Moreover, I aim at increasing my design skills from the design experience. This will facilitate in identifying the weaknesses and the strengths of my design. Hence, it will be easy to have a balance between weaknesses and strengths. In my future career, I am at doing a real project, which will involve communicating with the customer to identify their needs for the design. I also seek to comprehend the design values needed in the social world. These include design styles for the population in the social environment. Further, I focus on understanding how I can mix the personal style with the population to have a unique style for the customers.

The personal project that I have chosen to do is coming up with a nursing home interior design meant for older adults in my home country. First, most old folks in China do not have the opportunity to be taken care of by their children because of China’s reproduction policy. The policy limits the required number of children in each family to one. This results in a situation where that single child does not have time for his/her parents, thus neglecting them. Secondly, I felt that most of the designers today focus on designing for the younger generation,&nbsp.but not the elderly.

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