I need some assistance with these assignment. revised literacies Thank you in advance for the help!

But every media has its own merits and demrits. As a result, my audience will have a better understanding on remix.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. revised literacies Thank you in advance for the help!
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After I attended the WRA 1004 course, my perspective experiences about writing and reading have been modified significantly. Before attending the class, I had no specific strategies like RAIDS and SWAP for my essay. I had no idea what my essay will look like. I do not have a clear arrangement or style in mind. I just wrote as it went. I did notice the drawbacks of remix media. And for reading, I just read the article, and may briefly talk about the main points.

After taking the class, I now understand to think before write, using RAIDS can easily help me to state my purpose clearly, and by using SWAP can help focus on my subject and my audience.

Indeed, I think some modern technology-based medias –such as PowerPoint presentation, any other presentation software, computer compose, etc- other than paper are quite effective in conveying ideas to the target audiences. Indeed the use of computer for writing is endowed with umbrella-conveniences. If literacy means a man’s ability to read and write, a computer can be used to a media of literacy which is far more convenient that write on a paper.

Now I believe the term “literacy” does not only mean one’s ability to read and write, but also it means one’s ability to use any technological devices also. Daley defines literacy as following:

Traditionally literacy has been commonly defined as the ability to read and write at an adequate level of proficiency that is necessary for communication. More recently however, literacy has taken on several meanings. Technological literacy, mathematical literacy, and visual literacy are just a few examples. (45)

It is because a computer not only allows a person to write but also allows him or her to access a wide range of reading materials.

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