I need some assistance with these assignment. personal research project Thank you in advance for the help! Strindberg et al. (2011), said that it brought challenges as well as opportunities to the region’s Islamist movements through a wave of uprisings and revolutions. Amin et al. (2012), was somehow tempted to ascribe it to unemployment especially among the youths and suppression of political options. However, Beinin & Vairel (2011) believed that it acted as a transition from dictatorship to democracy. In addition, Pollack et al. (2011) believed that it might have been brought up by the continuous reign of some individual for a long period due to lack of democracy. Lastly but not least Peter (2012) shows that this Arab Spring enabled the European Union and the United States to collaborate with various stakeholders in the region to promote human rights as well as bring democracy in those region.

So far, none of the scholars has studied the role that the international bodies play in the Arab spring. In addition, none of the scholars has studied on whether the intervention of this international organization on the Arab spring is necessary or not and whether the results that were achieved showed success or failure in the process. This makes this research to be a very important one and that is why I decided to undertake it.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. personal research project Thank you in advance for the help!
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This research was conducted using observation and review of various relevant literatures as the methods of information collection. We also collected some data from the internet about the countries that have experienced the Arab Spring to determine which percentage of them was successful. Using these methods the researcher identified a group of Arab states and used observation technique to discover what has been going on in those states as a result of the Arab Spring. To supplement his information the researcher will visit the internet and find the most current literature related to the Arab Spring written by other scholars.

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