I need some assistance with these assignment. nutrition discussion unit 1 Thank you in advance for the help! Standards of nutrient intake of Standards of nutrient intake Standards of nutrient intakehave become one of the most widely discussed subjects among public. As a matter of fact, professionals in the field are approached for the understanding of the intake standards so that no confusion is noted. But seemingly, the discussions with the professionals and precisely more than one professional expert advises may confuse the general public. With the evaluation of the text, it comes to notice that there are several concepts which have made it critical for one to analyze the main sources of the nutrients. Also, standards are not defined on individual basis.

One of the concepts that I have note been able to understand or which has put me in turmoil is the source of nutrients. Some professionals discuss the standards without providing distinguishing factors. For instance, the source of iron from fruits is better than from the meat. If the professionals are able to discuss the sources along with different sources and the factors that may take a different stance on the health then it will allow the general public to get a wholesome idea of the nutrient intake standards (Chaudhari, 2009).

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I need some assistance with these assignment. nutrition discussion unit 1 Thank you in advance for the help!
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Secondly, the references that are furnished in the guides explaining the standards of nutrient intake seem to be illogical as they are not able to define the individual standards. This means that the standard may vary for person to person depending upon to the access to food selection and appointment in terms of lifestyle. Sources of nutrients can be attained by a person who has more time then those who remain busy.

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