I need some assistance with these assignment. my interest in civil engineering Thank you in advance for the help! Civil engineering is considered the mother of all engineering, as it is the oldest, broadest, most simple, and useful of all engineering sciences. Due to the increase in its scope, it has managed to diversify into many branches of study including structural, geotechnical, transportation, hydraulic and environmental engineering. The importance of civil engineers cannot be ignored and it is this demand that makes the field even more appealing (Civil engineering dictionary).

The field of civil engineering is not only as objective and systematic, but also rather it is problem-solving concerned with meeting the challenges of pollution, traffic congestion, urban development, and community planning. My passion for making a difference in the community by being a problem solver is supported by its transformative approach. The planning, designing, and construction of structures such as roads, railways, and bridges play a part in easing transportation. Studying structures before they are built would help ensure the safety of the people who will use the structure in the future. This is possible by having mechanisms in place that are able to counteract the effect of such disasters (Sloan Career Cornerstone Centre 1).

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I need some assistance with these assignment. my interest in civil engineering Thank you in advance for the help!
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The field of civil engineering is wide and not only centered on construction but also on examining groundwater contamination, transportation design, disaster prevention, river mechanics and stream restoration, earthquake engineering, flood prediction, survey and mapping, treatment and proper disposal of waste. Integration with other fields such as environmental science, architecture, quantity surveying contributes to adding knowledge to the field (University of Utah, Civil & Environmental Engineering). It would be true to say that a civil engineer is an all rounded person and it is my desire to be this way.

It is a piece of common knowledge to a significant number of people that civil engineers mainly&nbsp.work in construction.&nbsp.

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