I need some assistance with these assignment. museum of anthropology by arthur erickson Thank you in advance for the help! As a global architect, Arthur Erickson is commonly known for his passionate advocating of cultural awareness, natural environment, and exploration of the human environment.

The nature of the buildings that Arthur Erickson has built is an indication of his desire for cultural diversity, given that in all, he has sought to share a deep sense of respect for their context, grace and incomparable freshness. Subsequently, he has designed the buildings by the dramatic use of light and space. thus, bringing his work to the understanding of the human community. Filtered through his fertile imagination and insightful mind, it is easy to note dialogue by which the architecture by Arthur Erickson emerges with the realms of the world.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. museum of anthropology by arthur erickson Thank you in advance for the help!
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By virtue of being a native from Vancouver and having studied at the University of British Columbia, Arthur was able to culturally model the construction of the Museum of Anthropology taking into consideration the cultural and artistic aspects of the building, all of which points to the climate and terrain architectural style adopted by the architect.

Just as is the case of the magnificently built Museum of Anthropology, Arthur Erickson, who lived between 1924 and 2009, can be considered as having left a great landmark in North American architecture. This is in the form of the Museum of Anthropology in the 20th Century’s second half, given the robust and astute selection of building materials that marked the design of the museum (Mayer & Shelton, 2009).

Museum of Anthropology is situated on a cliff edge of Point Grey on the University of British Columbia grounds and was established in the year 1947 at the Main Library basement at the University of British Columbia, which was its initial location. For a long period, Audrey and Harry Hawthorn directed the museum. However, in 1976, the museum’s location was moved to where it is right now under the Directorship of Prof. Michael Ames.

Culturally, the designing of this museum by Arthur Erickson was defined by the inspiration he received from the knowledge on the post and beam architecture that was widely practiced in the Northwest coast of First Nations.

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