I need some assistance with these assignment. lab. report Thank you in advance for the help! There were two distinct kinds of images observed after the experimental procedure – the train images and the fork images. Both these original images obtained had high contrast with sharp edges and more detail. When some noise was added to the two original images, two types of noisy images for the train and the fork were observed.

In addition, to smooth the images and reduce/ remove the noise in the noisy images, the moving average filter was employed on these particular images. The first span to smooth the noisy images was 10. The noise in both images was reduced, the images smoothed and the image details blurred when the first span was 10. With the moving average, however, the edges of both the images became blurred and when compared with the original images, the images with span 10 exhibited lesser contrast and detail. On the other hand, when the smoothed image with span 10 was compared with smoothed images with span 20 and 30, the smoothed images with span 10 exhibited the best results in terms of contrast and detail.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. lab. report Thank you in advance for the help!
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The next span used was 20, where the noise in both images was eliminated and disappeared completely along with the images becoming smoother and the images edges more blurred hence a considerable difficulty discerning the image details. The resultant two images were, in addition, clearly more obscure. The third span used for both the image types was 30. Herein, the resulting images were smoother than the other images and more blurred too (in comparison with the other images). With span 30, the details of the smoothed images were unrecognizable with the edges more blurred than other smoothed images with span 10 and 20.

Conclusively therefore, the moving average filter smoothes the image by blurring the image details with increase in average pixel value creating lower contrasts. In addition, smoothing reduces the noise level of the images.

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