I need some assistance with these assignment. huckleberry finn and jim Thank you in advance for the help! Huck thinks that Miss Watson is the rightful owner of Jim and Jim is her nigger, claiming Jim to be her property. Huck also considers it a sin to help Jim to gain freedom while he is himself fighting for his freedom but being a white person, he considers his mission for freedom attainment as justified and that of Jim’s a wrong doing.

Both Huck and Jim regard each other friend and consider safe with one another. Huck enjoys the company of Jim without considering that he is a slave and establishes good relationship with him. In the same manner, Jim also befriends Huck without considering him as a master who can only be followed. Huck as a member of white society exercises some control on Jim but that is not oppressive and Jim as a member of Black society regards himself inferior but his actions are not submissive but he respects Huck’s opinions and actions. Huck shows his pleasure at finding Jim when he says,

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I need some assistance with these assignment. huckleberry finn and jim Thank you in advance for the help!
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“I set there behind a clump of bushes in about six foot of him, and kept my eyes on him steady. It was getting gray daylight now. Pretty soon he gapped and stretched himself and hove off the blanket, and it was Miss Watson’s Jim! I bet I was glad to see him.”&nbsp.

In chapters 31 to 40, Huck reaches Uncle Silas and Aunt Sally’s home and meets Tom where they plan to free Jim from his enslavement. All the chapters deal with Tom and Huck’s planning to free Jim and in chapter 40, at last, Jim escapes with Huck and Tom. Like Jim, Huck also enjoys his freedom. as he is not answerable to his father now as Jim is not under Miss Watson’s control. Huck and Jim, both have befriended each other and take care of each other. Huck in chapter 31, considers it a sin to free Jim and writes a letter to Miss Watson informing her about Jim’s place but tears the letter considering it humanity and his friendship.

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