I need some assistance with these assignment. discusion 4 707 Thank you in advance for the help! Discussion 4 707 January 26, Discussion 4 707 Veronica reviewed Mart’s performance and both parties responded to physicians. Mart appeared optimistic and positive about the review and his next meeting, but Veronica was negative about the review and maintained the attitude. Veronica’s response identifies a judgmental position that appears to depress her. She was not satisfied with Mart’s performance level and the depression that her face registered and that the physician noticed suggests that her position on Mart is not personal. Veronica was just being strict on her job and her depression suggests that she regrets the position she took on the review results. She would otherwise not be depressed. Veronica also appeared direct on her negative opinion towards the review and her testimony to the physician and Mart’s testimony shows this. Mart report her position on his future in the organization while Veronica reported that Mart’s performance was substandard and that he was likely to lose his job within that year. Her attitude was therefore likely to discourage Mart, who already had personal problems, than motivate. Even though Mart thought about improvement initiatives, Veronica had not noticed any improvement and this suggest that the review had negative effects.

Conflicts are common in nursing organizations and may have adverse effects on performance. In my conversations, I may try to incorporate conflict resolution strategies, through a win-win approach, in order to ensure positive outcomes such as developing self-esteem in the other party (Brinkert, 2010). I may also incorporate qualitative research in my conversations, through exploring a person’s experiences, in order to understand factors to a controversy for developing a solution to a problem instead of victimizing the party (The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, 2011). In the conversations with the physicians, for example, it emerges that the employee has personal problems and that he is willing to learn and improve. The problems may be undermining his potentials and a qualitative approach to evaluation would identify this and help in solving the problem.

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Brinkert, R. (2010). A literature review of conflict communication causes, costs, benefits and interventions in nursing. Journal of Nursing Management, 18, 145-156.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. (2011). Comprehensive accreditation manual: CAMH for hospitals: The official handbook. Terrace, IL: Joint Commission Resources.

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