I need some assistance with these assignment. cassandra database Thank you in advance for the help! Cassandra Database is a wide spread open source NoSQL database. The database is best used to manage large quantity of data across many centers of data and cloud. Cassandra database is characterized as a continuous availability, operational simplicity, and linear scalability across various servers without a single failure. Additionally, the database has a powerful data model mandated to offer a maximum flexibility and a rapid response period. Based on its operation, Cassandra database has an outstanding plan and architecture, meaning that all the nodes are similar. Increasingly, the database offers automatic distribution of data across the nodes participating in a database cluster.


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I need some assistance with these assignment. cassandra database Thank you in advance for the help!
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The database saves the administrators and developers the coding process in distrusting the data across the cluster since the data are partitioned in a transparent manner across the nodes. Consequently, the database provides a customized replication that stores redundant data across nodes participating the Cassandra ring. Meaning, assuming a node goes down, single, or multiple copies of the data will still be available on other cluster’s machines. Replication undergoes configuration to operate across zones of a single data center, multiple data centers, and many cloud zones. The database can be used in supplying linear scalability, meaning that a capacity can added easily through the addition of new nodes. For instance, two nodes can accommodate 100000 operations in a second, four nodes can accommodate 200000 operations in a second, and eight nodes can handle 400000 operations in a second.

Latest Version

The latest version of the database is Cassandra 2.1. The new version has new features such as user-defined types, collection indexes, and improved metrics through the metrics-core library. The new version has performance improvements based on the improved row cache, faster reads and writes, reduced heap, and new counters implementation. Additionally, repair and compaction improvement include incremental node repair and post-compaction read performance. Other notable changes on the database include unique table IDs, Bundled JNA, Improved logging, and new configurations.

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