I need some assistance with these assignment. cambridge as an international tourist attraction centre Thank you in advance for the help! According to the United kingdoms economic development strategy, tourism is a very critical factor in the initiative to improve the economy. Currently, the tourism sector in the UK provides employment to about 7% of the working population. In the year 1999, the UK government received over 25.4 million tourists from overseas and consequently earned about 123 million trips in England (Beech & Chadwick 2006). Research has indicated that in 1999, east England received over14.8 million trips of overnight stay and 7% of these stayed in Cambridgeshire while 27% were overseas tourists. The number of visitors from the Cambridge city has been increasing over time as indicated that in the 1999 findings. That same year, about 4.1 million visitors were from Cambridge a number that was higher than anticipated or even compared to previous years (Davidson 1998). The increase was attributed to the changes made to the day’s visits by the culture department to include the visitors from outside the local area but who were regular visitors coming to shop for leisure trips. The number of people staying for overnight visits has also been increasing drastically. Half of the visitors usually stay overnight because they are mostly from overseas. Local visitors are increasingly visiting Cambridge (Holloway & Taylor 2006). Out of the 4.1million visitors in 1999, 3.2 million were from the south Cambridgeshire while 10 per cent of them were those staying overnight.

It can be concluded that over the past years, the total number of visitors coming to Cambridge has increased by more than 200% since the 1970s through 1980s. The growth levelled in the 1990s but during the beginning of the new millennium, a 10 per cent drop was observed. This cannot be explained easily through the economic crunch that the world was facing could be the greatest contributor to this drop. It’s estimated that in the year 2000, only less than half of the visitors came from the United Kingdom and those from overseas were largely from North America (Holloway & Taylor 2006). Most of the visitors come on holiday tours and sightseeing while few of them come on business trips.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. cambridge as an international tourist attraction centre Thank you in advance for the help!
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Most of the people who have visited Cambridge admitted that they felt welcome and only 2 per cent did not feel welcomed. About seventy-four per cent of the visitors were able to recommend places they had received better services. Over the past years, Cambridge City council strategy has had a policy of managing and not the promotion of tourism activities. With the increasing number of tourist in the region, Cambridge City council came up with a policy in 1996 to help the industry to cope up with the increased customer base and the resulting possible pollution to the environment (Page & Connell 2006).

There are several aspects that are being addressed by the Cambridge city council to improve the service of tourism and hospitality in the city areas so as to meet the ever-changing client’s demands and requirements. The city through its tourism strategy will be able to allocate resources properly and manage customers. The provision of the resources will be based on the tourism vision of the Cambridge city while integrating and incorporating objectives and the policies of the region to be able to deliver quality tourism services (Davidson 1998).

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