I need some assistance with these assignment. building of pyramids of giza Thank you in advance for the help!

One of the most interesting wonders of the world is the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is a mystery how this structure was built perfectly and with great precision. It is a mystery how people of ancient Egypt was able to haul thousands of bricks and stones to create the Pyramids. There are different theories trying to give an explanation to this mystery.One of the most popular theories in explaining how the Pyramids of Giza was built is the modified external ramp theory (Brier, 2007). This was proposed by ancient Egyptologists.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. building of pyramids of giza Thank you in advance for the help!
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This theory explains that the Pyramid was created with the use of an external ramp. This ramp was believed to be raised during construction. It is believed that the ramp is corkscrewed or spiraled to the top of the Pyramid. That was the only way to explain how an external ramp was used since there was no way a single long ramp was built in the area.Another theory, a more recent theory, was presented by Jeanne-Pierre Houdin (Brier, 2007. George, 2008). He was a French architect who believed that the Pyramid was built using an internal ramp.

He explained that the bottom of the Pyramids was built using an external ramp and the higher parts were buils using an internal ramp. He proposed this theory after seeing the spiral-like structure within the Pyramid. I believe that the more recent theory of the internal ramp can answer how the Pyramids were built. Although it is possible that humans can haul the heavy stones on top of each other to build the pyramid, I find it hard to believe that it is only done outside of the Pyramid. There is evidence showing there is a structure within the Pyramid.

And there are holes at turning points to help the worker haul the heavy stones up. I find Houdin’s theory more realistic because of the many evidences that point towards its possibility. Works CitedBrier, B. (2007). “How to Build a Pyramid”. Archaeology vol. 60, number 3. George, C. (2008). Pyramids: The Mysterious and Unknown. CA: Reference Point Press, Inc.

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