I need some assistance with these assignment. biology of food Thank you in advance for the help! Starch, sugar and glucose are types of carbohydrates. Starch has a longer chain as compared to that of glucose and sugar. Starch is first converted to shorted chains by the saliva in our mouth. The sugar that is converted to starch is then converted to simple glucose by our digestive system. The small intestine absorbs the glucose and directly mixes it with the blood. Blood provides a transportation path for the nutrients to reach the desired cell location. The glucose is transported by the blood to the brain cells, where brain cells take the oxygen and glucose from the blood and exchange wastes with the blood through cell walls. The glucose actively produces energy to perform the daily tasks and to maintain the life of the cell. Blood circulation system has two paths. One is for transporting food and oxygen and the other is for taking away the wastes from the cells.

Bread is derived from wheat. Nearly all plants store the access food to be utilized when there is short of the food supply. Plants store food in the seeds to provide the baby plants with proper nourishment. Other than potatoes, carrots, radish and other plants that produce food inside the earth, all fruit and seed-producing plants produce food. The plant is attainting and uses this tactic to reproduce their kind. In a similar case, wheat stores food in the seeds that are crushed down to attain flour. Flour is mixed with some water and yeast and baked to attain bread. The most basic ingredient of the flour is the moderate amount of complex carbohydrates and proteins. A cup of about 192-gram wheat contains about 4.7 grams of fats, 137 grams of carbohydrates and 26 grams of proteins.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. biology of food Thank you in advance for the help!
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The presence of such kind of nutrients is not to provide nutrients to humans but to provide proper nourishment to the growing chick in the egg. The presence of protein ensures that the chick will have a proper and healthy physique.

It normally experiments that oil and water do not homogeneously mix at all but in case of mayonnaise, it is generally found that oil and water and egg yolks are mixed evenly.

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