I need some assistance with these assignment. bicultural program for deaf people Thank you in advance for the help! ASL can be used as a method of critical thinking and problem-solving. It also allows deaf children to form relationships with “normal”r people and open themselves up to knowledge (Cummins, 2010). ASL is used by BiBis ASL not just as a tool for English and the pursuit of knowledge, but also as a vital method for responding to ideas and issues that matter. The principle for enhancing ASL language skills is no different than developing English language skills for children whose mother tongue the first language is English (Cummins, 2010). McAnally, Rose, and Quigley (2007) believe that if ASL can be taught thoroughly, then English language abilities can be reached without experience to English through speech, or alternatively, through a manually code English sign system. Goldin-Meadow and Mayberry (2001) touch on how important it is to pick up a mother tongue language in the first few years of life. As such, knowledge of ASL does not hinder learning to read written English. On the contrary, ASL could actually assist deaf children in learning how to read English.

Goldin-Meadow and Mayberry (2001) highlight just how important it is to learn a language in the early years if deaf children are to going to be able to read English. The first step to help deaf children become readers of English is to make sure than they develop appropriate language skills (it can be any language at all). Deaf children who are learning ASL or any type of sign language from their deaf parents do not need any extra help at this stage because they will pick up a language in the same way that normal-hearing children learn spoken language. However, deaf children with hearing parents do need interventions in several areas. The early detection of loss of hearing, early entry to education, and continuous contact with fluent speakers of English can help to ensure that profoundly deaf children can learn a language because they have access to it.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. bicultural program for deaf people Thank you in advance for the help!
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Mayberry et al. (2002) carried out&nbsp.research that highlights the costs of not developing a strong mother language early in life.&nbsp.

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