I need some assistance with these assignment. african american vietnam war Thank you in advance for the help! “If my family had a lot of money, I would never have gone into the Marine Corps,” said Allen Nelson, a 65-year-old, African American Vietnam War veteran clutching his scarred chin, perhaps scars originating from the years he served in the battlefront.

He had casually walked into the room, the guestroom room of his four-bedroomed Bungalow, punctually, dressed in a jungle green trouser, and a white shirt, perhaps to signify what he calls peace for war. Before commencing with the interview, he takes us through his photo album during his military days.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. african american vietnam war Thank you in advance for the help!
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Mr. Allen, who is tall and muscular, dropped out of high school to join the military at the age of 18 years. After joining the military, he deployed to Okinawa for two weeks of training and thereafter deployed to Vietnam at the height of the war. He admits having killed many Vietnamese soldiers and watching others die, in the 13 months that he spent in the Vietnamese jungle. He is now a vocal proponent of peace in the world and a prominent critic of waging war. His advice to the students is to “understand the importance of creating a world of peace and nonviolence”.

He asserts that military training changes the mind of young recruits. Marine Corps, he says, trained to kill. The first thing that the trainers do is to remove “your civilian life from you” by getting rid of one’s civilian way of thinking. “In the military, there’s no thinking. You are trained to follow orders. You do not ask any questions.” he says. He opines that it is easier to do this to young high school kids who have no idea of what they want to do with their lives. He says that the trainers brainwash the recruits into believing that no thinking is good. Consequently, that is how they manage to turn young thinkers into killers. Those who fail to adapt to the new rules and display thinking tendencies are ejected from the military since the military “sees thinkers as being very dangerous”.

He chides military trainers for failing to give adequate training to the new recruits prior to deploying them to the war fronts.

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