I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Christian childrens fund. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Christian Children’s Fund Internal Environment Donations from sponsors and contributors to Christian Children’s Fund for the Sky Siegfried Fund are helping thousands of children around the world.

The Siegfried family has unselfishly given of themselves and their monetary

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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Christian childrens fund. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.
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resources to the Christian Children’s Fund for many years. It has been through their

unyielding generosity, and of course the many donors worldwide who have donated

matching funds to the Sky Siegfried fund appeals, that critical health programs for

families and children who live in extreme poverty, have been assisted with millions of


Over the last six years, the Sky Seigfried Fund has enabled many Christian

Children’s Fund health programs to expand their scope of service and coverage. These

inclusions and expansions include, helping additional children with disabilities in places

where there was once no basic health care, the fund has empowered CCF to provide for

the very least of those, also, the setting up of maternal and child health care programs,

and in those placers where people have been displaced due to internal strife and violence..

Also, the establishment of preventative measures to combat preventative disease in these

camps, which have also been established due to the occurrence of natural disasters.

The Seigfried’s chose to work with CCF and other donors to maximize their

efforts. According to the Christian Children’s Fund annual report, during 2006, CCF

received $2.1 million in project specific grants and contributions, a 7.% increase over last

year. This funding helped increase CCF long-term health, nutrition, education and micro-


enterprise projects in CCF’s program countries and enabled CCF to provide emergency

assistance following natural disasters and civil conflict(CCF 2006)

Grant funding enables CCF to assist children and communities with services that

its child sponsorship program did not reach. CCF estimates that grant funding in fiscal

year 2006 enabled CCF to provide much needed program support to two million

children.(CCF )

The Sky Siegfried programs include:

Health Huts, in Senegal, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Guatemala. The program focuses on

the provision of general health care and education for families who live in remote,

inaccessible areas. There are 127 Health Huts which provide lifeline support in some of

the worlds most poverty stricken areas.

Diabetes Prevention, is a major concern here in the United States. Children in poor,

rural communities where CCF is working are at high risk for developing diabetes. CCF

Diabetes Prevention program is teaching families and children in six states how to

prevent and manage the disease through healthy eating and exercise.

HIV/AIDS, efforts recently launched by CCF include antiretroviral treatment, training

care givers to visit HIV/AIDS patients, protecting the rights of orphaned children, and

providing income generating programs for mothers or remaining family members.

Emergency Health Care, through CCF Uganda helps prevent the spreads of disease in

camps for Internally displaced persons, where an estimated one million people live.

The Sky Siegfried Fund is helping CCF bring health care and hope to more

families around the world, making the world better for children.


CCF actions are guided by the utmost integrity and accountability for all the funds

they receive. In support of achieving the highest level of accountability and transparency,

CCF engages Protiviti Consulting to help monitor their internal controls and serve as

impartial internal auditors, and Ernst & Young LLP, to audit CCF’s annual consolidated

financial statements. In addition, experienced professionals from major corporations and

institutions serve on the audit committee of CCF’s board of Directors, ensuring the

highest accountability.

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