You are required to research the Institutional  Review  Board (IRB) and detail the  important factors for the ethical protection of research participants. You will identify and discuss what an IRB  is , the historical development of IRBs, and the three types of IRB review.   The criteria for the levels of review should be detailed and an example of each level provided to demonstrate  understanding of the levels of review. You must present the ethical and legal issues associated with  research including the concepts of informed consent, confidentiality, and voluntary participation.  The  paper should include details regarding the use of special/vulnerable populations in research and the  protections in p lace for special/vulnerable populations. Using a library database, locate one historical  example of unethical research conducted in the last 100 years and detail the ethical issue(s) associated  with the research.  The project should conclude with a discussion of the ramifications of not following  ethical standards and the use of an IRB review. The ethical standards in the Code  of Ethics for the National  Organization for Human Services at .  You  should also consider the core values of Integrity and Community and how they  relate to the  ethical protection of human research participants . apa format only 3 pages must have references.

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Human services: Identify and discuss what an IRB is , the historical development of IRBs, and the three types of IRB review.
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