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QUESTION 1 TRPV1 is synthesized in the cell body of neurons and is transported along the axon to peripheral nerve terminals by kinesin-3 family member 13B (KIF13B). 1.1 Specific mutations in KIF13B can change the way the motor protein interacts with cytoskleletal elements. These types of mutations would therefore affect the interaction of KIF13B with by inducing structural changes to the of the motor protein. (2 points) Intermediate filaments, head Tubulin microtubules, head Actin microfilaments, light chain Tubulin microtubules, tail OOOO ОО Tubulin microtubules, light chain Actin microfilaments, tail Actin microfilaments, head 1.2 Other types of mutations in KIF13B modify the strength of the bond between KIF13B and cytoskeletal elements. How would overly strong or overly week binding to cytoskeletal elements affect the function of the protein? (3 points)

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How Would Overly Strong or Overly Week Binding to Cytoskeletal Elements Affect the Function of the Protein.
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