Sample for my reserch process

The first search was ‘common techniques used by on-stage performers in Shakespeare’s plays’. The website provided a full list of the most common acting techniques and explained each technique in detail. The website, however, did not highlight the relationship between these acting techniques and Shakespeare’s plays and I had to search other websites to find the relationship between the two.

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After searching ‘how the audience responded to various techniques used by the performers of Shakespeare plays’, the journal I found did not specifically relate the audiences’ response to Shakespeare’s plays. I had to analyze each technique with the response it invokes from the audience and relate it with Shakespeare’s plays.

Next, I searched ‘Stanislavski acting technique and its effects on the audience’. The journal I got from this search was more enlightening. It analyzed the technique and made a comparison of this technique with other acting styles. Through inference, I was able to relate this technique with Shakespeare’s on-stage plays. The journal offered a great analysis of the effects of the Stanislavski technique to the audience.

The results I got from the method acting technique’ search were quite satisfying. From the site, I found the relationship between method acting and character acting. The website discussed some of the most famous actors who previously used this style of acting.

After searching ‘the classical acting technique in Shakespeare’s plays, I found the circumstances under which this technique is used. The website provides an analysis of the response of the audience to this technique. I however could not find answers on how effective this technique was.

Afterward, I searched ‘Practical acting aesthetics technique and its relevance to Shakespeare’s plays. The website offers an insight into the history and general principles of practical acting. In addition, the site discusses how the technique affects both the performers and the audience.

The next search log was ‘when performers of Shakespeare plays preferred to use Uta Hagen style of acting’. I came across an online book that majored only on Uta Hagen style of play. The book was relevant to the research as it discussed stage technique in detail and related Uta Hagen technique with the ancient on-stage performers. In addition, the book discussed the challenges faced by performers while trying to implement this style of play and discussed the solutions to these challenges.

Lastly, I searched ‘Theatre games and Viola Spolin technique’. The website I found did not give the exact information about actors and Shakespeare’s plays. I had to use the information gained from the previous searches to relate this technique with performers of Shakespeare’s plays. The website offers insights about theatre games and their effectiveness in capturing the attention of the audience.




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