For this Early Draft you are required to identify all 10 of your steps, describe at least five of your steps in detail, and offer an explanation of the visual aid you plan to use.  How to down load an APP to devise for a beginner   
Final Submission Project Requirements  Your Instruction Manual should: •Be at least 10 individual steps detailing how to accomplish a technical task of your choosing.
•Incorporate at least one (1) visual aid.
•Be at least one page in length at a minimum but not exceed two pages in length. •Follow the principles of rhetorically effective design of instructional material as outlined in Chapter 10 of Tebeaux and Dragga’s textbook.
•Be accompanied by a Reflection Memo of not more than 250 words that detail the rhetorical choices you made to address your audience, and the specific actions you took to execute those rhetorical choices.

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