Read chapter 6 and watch the videos (see below), then choose ONE of the 4 prompts below to complete this week’s (ungraded) assignment.

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How to apply the principles of behavioral learning to Design the ideal slot machine
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Reinforcement Schedules: Think about how you could apply the principles of behavioral learning to:

1.Design the ideal slot machine – one that would keep people playing over and over again, even though they won very little money.
2.Design a reward system for a fifth-grade class that would result in both effort at schoolwork and in good behavior.
3..Design an ideal lottery or mail-in contest.
4.Design an ideal payment system for salespeople (you may include both salary and commission).

For your choice of reward system, think about what the reinforcer should be, what contingencies are operating, and what behaviors you want to elicit. Also think about how you would demonstrate to a skeptic that your procedures have actually resulted in a change in the desired direction.

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