Answer each of these questions in 4-5 paragraphs. Develop an argument defending your position and incorporate relevant passages from our readings into your argument. Keep in mind that these topics have each been covered in several texts. The purpose of this exam is for you to bring the various angles of a topic together and draw connections.

1.    Outline how the notion of race has been constructed in the US? How do these notions reflect historical, social, and political circumstances? (give at least three different examples)

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How the notion of race has been constructed in the US
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2.    Describe how color-based racism emerged within the Christian West? How has it affected different groups and shaped their views and actions? Which roles have scripture and political power, respectively, played in this process?

3.    Based on the texts we have read, outline how Jewishness has been racialized in various contexts. How have political and social circumstances impacted these views? (give at least three examples)

1.    All assignments must double spaced, written in Times New Roman 12-point font, and with 1″ margins. Failure to comply with these specifications will result is a loss of 10%.

2.    The pages of each assignment must be numbered. Page numbers should start on page one of the document and not the cover sheet. Failure to number your pages properly will result in a loss of 10%.

3.    Any quotation or paraphrase from another source must be identified in individual references, providing author, name of article or book, and specific page number.  All sources must come from academic sources. Outside sources need the instructor’s previous approval. Failure to provide adequate sources, references or a properly formatted bibliography will result in a loss of 10%.

4.    All assignments should be written using the Chicago Guide to Style (( Failure to comply will result in a loss of 10%.

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