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ANS 1. Describe how the alpha 1 (0-1) receptor works. What is its preferred neurotransmitter? Which 2nd messenger does it work through and what is the enzyme that makes it? Is it an increase or a decrease? Is the effect activation or inhibitory in the tissue? Give one example of where you find this specific type of receptor. 4 points Skeletal muscle 2. 4 points A. What is tetany and what type of summation is it? Give an example of how you use tetany. 1 point B. What is recruitment and how is it ordered? What type of summation is this? Why do we use recruitment? Give an example of recruitment. 2 points C. How does this contrast with fatigue? What causes fatigue? 1 point Comparisons 3. (4 points) Compare and contrast the mechanism of contraction for skeletal vs. single-unit smooth muscle. Be sure to include: A) arrangement of actin and myosin for each muscle type, B) the source of the action potential C) the source of Ca+2 and D) where the Ca+2 works (which protein) and the type of activation the muscle has. Smooth 4.(3 points) A. Give 3 distinct differences between multi unit smooth muscle and single-unit smooth muscle. 1.5 points B. Give 3 distinct characteristics that are similar between cardiac muscle and smooth muscle. (Hint: saying they both have myosin and actin doesn’t count- they are different types) 1.5 points

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