As I’ve been mentioning, it’s time for research. This year’s paper will look a little shorter and different in terms of the assignment than it has in the past. You will have a lot of freedom in your choices, however all of you will be responsible for completing the following Research Process.

You will:
– Select a topic (based on your chosen genre: analytical, argumentative, or expository)
– Seek out and evaluate the evidence supporting that topic
– Formulate a (hypo)thesis about the topic
– Synthesize the information as you move through the research process and into the writing process
– Generate a minimum of twenty (20) citable facts
– Create a Working Bibliography/Works Cited
– Write an outline
– Compose drafts
– Participate in peer reading and reviews

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By the end of this process, your paper:
– Will be four to five {4-6} pages in length
– Will contain MLA formatted in-text citations citing a minimum of three (3) sources
– Will be typed in a double-spaced, Times New Roman (size 12) font {or a comparable one} with set one-inch margins
– Will have a formal Works Cited page included at the end of the paper {not counted as one of those 4-6 pages}
– Will have a formal MLA formatted cover page {not counted as one of those 4-6 pages}

Due dates:
– Will be announced at all times. However, there will be multiple due dates {for various assignments/components of assignments}
– Will not be negotiable
– MAY change if snow days take place, but do not count on them – BE PREPARED AT ALL TIMES


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