Address the various methods and procedures one might employ to change a subject’s behavior
such that it would, after training, perform a new behavior in a certain situation but not in
others. Name the method(s) and give alternate names that may exist. Explain how the
method(s) could do any of the following: cause the animal to display new behaviors, increase
the frequency of appropriate behaviors, decrease the frequency of inappropriate behaviors, or
discriminate when and where to emit those behaviors. Be sure to mention the ways these
methods could be misapplied, what undesirable effects those methods could cause, and how to
enact those methods so that those undesirable effects do not result.
The target audience for the paper is anyone who is in college with a working knowledge of
general psychology but has not yet taken a learning course, up to and including expert
researchers or practitioners in the learning field. Therefore, one must use proper nomenclature
and sources that the expert will recognize and appreciate, as well as explaining the terms,
methods, and concepts in simple enough language for the educated novice to understand.
Use the professional paper format of the American Psychological Association’s Publication
Manual (7th edition) with any modifications announced by Dr. Phinney.
The body of the paper should be at least ten pages (twelve-point font and 1-inch margins). The
body page count does not include the title page, abstract page, the reference section page(s),
or any other pages used to display figures, tables, or other material reasonable to include in an
APA format paper. Thus, the minimum page length for the entire paper is 13. There should be
at least 5 academic sources. For the purposes of this assignment, academic sources are peer
reviewed journal articles in the appropriate topic areas, peer-edited books in the proper
disciplines, and standard-label collegiate level textbooks in the proper disciplines. Web pages,
personal communications, online or broadcast video, and other sources may be used, but do
not count in the 5 academic source minimum. Citations should be used to support any
assertions of method names, procedures, desired effects, negative effects, remediations, and
so forth. Avoid direct quotations.


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